Educational services for students with language based learning differences

Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA Brochure)

After five years of offering testing and tutoring services, Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) was created in the Spring of 2004 to address the educational needs of students with learning differences who have cognitive abilities in the average or above range. Our desire is to help students deal with learning issues while developing compensatory strategies and discovering individual strengths. Students work in small groups where the curriculum provides opportunities for each student to be challenged and excel. In addition to our commitment to offer an education rooted in Biblical principles, our curriculum is multi-sensory and strongly based in the Orton–Gillingham approach to language study. (Click here to see brochure).

Cornerstone Christian Academy exists to assist and support parents in training their children. We seek to accomplish these goals by:

  • Providing a loving and supportive atmosphere where each student is invited to grow in a vital relationship with Christ,
  • Respecting God’s creation in each student by discerning and affirming his/her learning style and discovering strengths while addressing learning difficulties,
  • Providing a multisensory approach to learning aimed at increasing each student’s opportunity for learning,
  • Equipping students to return to traditional classroom settings at the appropriate time with a clearer understanding of their learning styles and empowered with compensatory learning strategies necessary to be a successful learner.

We are committed to maintain an average student-teacher ratio of six to-one.

Click here for 2015-16 New Enrollment Letter from CCA Head of School


Cornerstone is a unique program in that our tutors are trained to work with students who have learning disorders such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, processing issues, and reading and writing difficulties. Our tutors address key components of reading, language arts, and mathematics, utilizing interactive media, manipulatives, and other specialized methods, such as Orton-Gillingham or SWR. Cornerstone tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to support students on their educational journey.  Students begin their tutoring process by completing appropriate assessments. From there, we provide the needed support to develop specific learning strategies suitable for individual and small group tutoring opportunities.  Click here to see our Tutoring Program brochure).

Cornerstone Christian Academy provides specialized academic programs for students with diverse learning styles within a caring community.  The mission of our school is to identify the needs, learning style, and potential of students with learning differences and prepare them for success, as we provide comprehensive and effective services, which are consistent with Christian beliefs and values.